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2012 Avensis facelift


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Pahoittelut olen uusi jos meni väärään paikkaan, mutta en löytänyt parempaa paikkaa 👍🏻

Auto vaihtumassa ja löyty aikalailla sopiva yksilö, mutta kysynkin tietäjiltä. 

Auto siis 1.8l bensakoneella ja automaatti. Mittarissa 240tkm. Onko tässä mallissa jotain tyyppivikaa? Jostain luin tuon 1.8l moottorin kuluttavan öljyä, ei kuitenkaan kuten VAGgilaiset(ne hieman vanhemmat). Pitääkö paikkansa? Autossa huoltokirja merkkihuollosta ja viimeisin ihan kuukausi sitten. 

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The ZR engine family brought together the most advanced technologies for the naturally aspirated engines that Toyota developed. All this affected negatively on reliability. The engine has a lot of small problems that spoil the overall impression of it.

Most often, owners report high oil consumption. Progressive oil consumption is typical for engines of the first years of production. Oil leaks are not rare, usually from an oil filter or from under the timing chain cover. Also, the water pump has short longevity (40,000 miles). Before its death, the pump usually starts to leak or produce noise. On the whole, the engine is noisy. Increased noise can be associated with the timing chain or chain tensioner. The timing chain becomes stretched out after a 100,000 miles mileage.

The intake manifold quickly covers with dirt, which leads to floating rpm. If you bought a car with high mileage, it is meaningful to clean inside the intake manifold and throttle body (valve). Despite its undoubted contribution to fuel economy and efficiency, Toyota's Valvematic system in 3ZR-FAE engines is another troublemaker. Any problem with it leads to a complete replacement of a pretty expensive Valvematic unit.

These problems are typical for the 2ZR as well. The average engine life for 3ZR-FE/FAE is about 150,000 miles (250,000 km).


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